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Posted By: John Frey on May 19, 2017

Dear HealthCare Provider CEO,

After you read all the activities your In-House Recruiters and the additional activities a Healthcare Agency can bring to the relationship, it should become very apparent that no In-House Recruiter effort can address all the avenues that should be worked to find the ideal candidate.

Conclusion (to ensure it is read):  Re-think your position concerning working with Healthcare Agencies.  It will take the pressure off the human beings working in our HR department and it will definitely increase your revenue stream.

Now, here are the important considerations shared by members of NCHCR (not in order of priority.)

In-House Recruiter Challenge

  • “I never have time to really search for candidates from any databases”.  (Quote from In-House Recruiter)
  • “I never have time to respond to all of the calls coming in daily or the emails”.  (Quote from In-House Recruiter)
  • In-house recruiters should spend time getting to know the people in your facility who need to add physicians and advanced practice providers to their practices.
  • In-house recruiters should obtain the specifics of what is a perfect candidate and the specifics of the job.
  • In-house recruiters need to spend their time with the interviewing candidates to learn if they have similar values as your healthcare site.
  • In-House recruiters are the first line of contact and the main line of contact with your interviewees.
  • Let the In-House recruiter use their time onsite to build relationships with the candidates that you are recruiting.
    This is the beginning of your retention plan
  • In-House recruiters are in charge of recruitment for all Candidates ranging from Physicians, Advanced Practitioners, Nursing, and Allied Health.  

Advantages of using Recruiter Agency

  • Healthcare Agencies will present Candidates you otherwise will have never been introduced to. 
  • The recruiting firms are talking to 20-30 more candidates per day than your in-house recruiter has the time to even talk to.
  • Let the recruiting firm help with the selection of Candidates who are most qualified and narrow this down for your In-House recruiter.
  • Hospital administrators need to realize that your In-House recruiters time is very valuable time that is often wasted on tasks that could be performed by an outside agency. Recruiting agencies have many recruiters hence more production, better outreach and generally have more resources at their disposal to accomplish the task.
  • Agencies network with other agencies hence the production will be exponentially greater.
  • Agencies have the time to develop a relationship with the potential candidate and sell the candidate on the position. The sooner they find a physician the sooner they can put him or her to work and generate revenue faster.
  • Typically, agencies specialize in a particular area of healthcare recruiting, therefore, they have a database of resumes that is specific to each type of position.
  • Recruiting agencies can do a lot of the legwork up-front, like references and extensive screening of candidates, to predetermine interest level and how a professional is recommended by their peers.
  • Agencies can screen for salary preferences and job preferences to determine the best match before candidates are submitted.
  • Agencies can save time by ensuring only serious and qualified professionals are submitted that are also within the salary range the organization is offering.
  • Agencies use resources that may not be available to their in-house recruitment team, putting candidates in their hand that they otherwise may not have received.
  • Agencies operate on a contingency basis so there is no risk with reviewing resumes and there is no obligation unless a candidate is hired.

               John Frey              304-699-5426

Posted By: John Frey on May 04, 2017


Over the years, I have spoken with hundreds of Healthcare Recruiters.  I am always amazed at the same mistake most of them make concerning placing a candidate.  That mistake is:  they stop the placement process once they have submitted the candidate to their opportunities.

Based on my conversations, a good recruiter will profile at least 10 candidates a week.  5 to 7 of those candidates will be quality candidates.  So, at the end of the month they have somewhere between 20 to 24 quality candidates.  Hey, that’s great news!  I find myself saying, “Certainly you place all of them; especially in a market with the candidate shortage the U.S. is experiencing”.   In reality, they are doing good to place an average of 2 candidates per month. 

So, what happens to the rest of those quality candidates?  The answer is they are placed in a database for future reference.  And then, off the recruiter goes repeating the same cycle again the next month.  Really! It looks to me like a lot of gold is being left on the floor……….

The problem is the recruiter is so busy profiling and placing the candidates, they don’t have time to put another step into the process.  I can definitely tell you, placing the candidate in your database for potential future placements is not the answer.  Broaden your horizon, modify your business cycle, slow down and re-think utilizing a network.  Yep, that is the additional step. You will make more placements than you currently do with minimal work once you have it in place. 

Did you know that if you are part of a good network, you should be able to post the candidate anonymously in a matter of minutes?  That network should have an opportunity matching process that pulls up all jobs that are a potential fit.  Then you should be able to email the other members in the network to confirm the job is still available and clear the name.   Wala, if you took 30 minutes per week, you should be able to get those left over 4 to 6 candidates in a network and get other recruiters working to place them with the clients they enjoy a relationship.

I used to recruit, and quickly found myself so busy with profiling candidates and speaking with clients that I could not afford to do what I called the “no brainer” work.  Hence, our company hired college students in intern positions.  The student worked about 10 hours per week, made a little money hourly, and got college credit for doing it.  It was a pleasure working with them.  They were in the final year of college so they possessed both intelligence and good vocabularies. 

All you need to do the same thing is a reliable network, and the patience to teach the student.  You will show them how to post the candidate, and hit the “match” button on the network site.  Then show them how to send a simple email asking if the job is available, or an email to clear the name of the candidate.

Once the name is cleared you will need to get involved in the process.  Now it is time for you to shine.  You have the ability to present your candidate to another opportunity.  So, go make the placement!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to further explore this.  My name is John Frey, and I am the Founder of The National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters.  I have spoken with hundreds of recruiters and would be glad to speak with you.  Office 304-699-5426


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