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NCHCR was formed in March 2005 recognizing the fact that the Independent Healthcare Recruiters, and Healthcare Agencies needed an exclusive Coalition to provide them with the resources larger corporations utilize. In addition to the historical activities of recruiters, the Independent Healthcare Recruiter/Agency meets specific needs the In-House recruiter cannot. These include assisting candidates with anonymous searches and representing clients for proprietary opportunities they do not want to publicly conduct.

By banding together NCHCR members represent a significant recruiting presence in the industry. As a group, we share common strengths and long term relationships with both our clients and physicians. NCHCR promotes the fact that the Independent Healthcare Recruiter/Agency plays a critical role in the Healthcare Industry. This is daily evidenced through participation on our nationally advertised job board, split rich networking environment, co-op programs, and adherence to a high ethical business standards and recruiting protocols.

Experienced Healthcare Providers elect to seek out new opportunities at predictable points in their careers. They are busy in their practices and need someone who will confidentially find opportunities, discuss them with the seeker, and submit their CV/Resume on a facility-by-facility basis. Frustrated Healthcare Providers often align with our service once they realize we know how to find the opportunity they are looking for. We offer a service larger firms often fail to provide.

NCHCR maintains an exclusive job board solely for member. NCHCR addresses the entire Healthcare Recruiting Industry: Physicians, Advanced Practitioners, Nursing, Allied Health, Administrative/Executive, and Healthcare IT.

Basic Membership

Basic Coalition Membership is $150.00 per month charged once a month to a credit card. We do not allow in & out memberships or trial memberships. We request that a new member agrees to join for a minimum of 90days.

Membership Benefits

• With your membership you receive 3 login/passwords, the ability to post up to 500 jobs and unlimited posting of candidates on www.NCHCR.com.

• Market your quality candidates. You have already spent the time profiling them. If you can’t place them, let another member do that for you!

• Universal Split Agreement, so start doing splits immediately.

• Split Access to over 18,500 physician, Midlevel, and Allied Health opportunities.

• Immediate Networking capability with over 100 Independent Healthcare Recruiting companies, represented by over 250 healthcare recruiters.

Exclusive to Independent Healthcare Recruiters, and Healthcare Recruiting Agencies.

• NCHCR membership can be permanently revoked if there is an infraction of our ethics by a member

• Free Cross Postings to other websites to include: Sponsored positions with, Google Jobs, Ziprecruiter.com, Jobs2Careers.com, and multiple additional pay per click and Organic cross posting websites.

BEST OF ALL, NCHCR does not compete with you. We do not recruit, nor do we ask for a share of your fee.

Databases Available Thru NCHCR

Over – 1,600,000 Candidates are available to you, recent verified and updated information on all databases.

Self-Profiled Candidates: 12,000+ Candidates listed (and growing daily) – free with membership

NP Database: 125,000 verified Advanced Care contacts – one time cost of $500

PA Database: 55,000 verified Advanced Care contacts –one time cost of $300

CRNA Database: 40,000 verified CRNA providers – one time cost of $1,500

NURSE Database: 388,000 verified NURSE providers – Personal contact information, emails, cellphones, home addresses – one time cost of $1,500.00

Passive Candidate Database: OVER 25,000+ pre-profiled Candidates listed and growing (there is an extra monthly cost for this database)

Licensed Physician Database: Over 1,000,000 verified Physician contacts – One time cost of $2,750, monthly payment option is available

Optometrist Database: 6,300 Optometrists – Includes PRIVATE emails, telephone numbers and private addresses – One time cost of $400

Direct candidates from your job postings on NCHCR, We have THOUSANDS of candidates visit our site per month

Contact Info:

John W. Frey

Jim Wilhite


We would love to speak with you to answer any questions you may have. There is no question in our minds, we can definitely help you make more placements for both full placements and optional splits.

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