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The Physician Assistant Database contains 58,009 records of which, 42,527 have been cleaned and verified emails. Data includes name, address (facility), specialty, email, phone. This database is exclusive to NCHCR members as an additional tool to assist them in their recruiting.

The list has been compiled from multiple sources like b2b portals, magazine subscribers, trade show attendees and exhibitors list etc. The database is designed so that you may download by Specialty for an email or direct mail campaign. Each contact includes the following information: Contact Name, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Phone number and Email address

The entire database may be purchased for a one-time fee of $300.00.

NOTE: We estimate there could be a Bounce back rate as low as 10%, but to ensure satisfaction of expectations we will set it at 20%.

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58,009 Total Physician Assistants Found In 42 Specialties

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Count Specialty
1,066 Acute Care
1,111 Adult Geriatric
1,054 Anesthesia
2,701 Anesthetist
367 Cardiology
1,044 Cardiomyopathy
1,140 Cardiovascular
87 Case Manager
1,036 Clinical
1,116 Dialysis
224 Emergency
5,892 Emergency Medicine
1,040 Emergency room
3,590 Family Medicine
1,057 Geriatric
176 Gynecology
1,133 Gynecology Oncology Surgical
1,074 Hepatology
2,047 Home Health
721 Hospitalist
2,080 Intensive care unit (ICU)
1,413 Internal Medicine
1,025 Labor & delivery
1,060 Medical-surgical
1,117 Neonatal
1,035 Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
1,059 Neuro-Oncology
383 Neurology
1,074 Neurosurgery
1,038 Occupational Health
1,499 Oncology
1,136 Operating room (OR)
2,881 Orthopedics
2,529 Pediatric
2,432 Primary Care
2,158 Psychiatric-Mental Health
16 Psychology
1,130 Pulmonary
1,596 Radiology
1,103 Surgical
1,081 Thoracic Medical Oncology
1,488 Women's Health

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