Passive Candidate Program

The Passive Candidate Database is without question one of the finest Physician databases in the industry. We personally speak with the physician to confirm their willingness to review opportunities. They authorize us to contact them, and they provide us with their personal email and cell phone. Most importantly to you, the database is not heavily utilized because it is exclusive to our members. Database providers sell to as many recruiters as they can. Often times these databases have candidates overwhelmed by the number of recruiters who contact them. You will not encounter that problem with our candidates.

What is a Passive Candidate? Answer: this is a practicing physician who has been personally contacted via phone. Generally, they are not actively looking for an opportunity but have planned to do so within the year and are open to reviewing opportunities. Historically they have not posted their contact information on the internet or association sites. Passive candidates are an excellent source for placements. As a rule, they are not available via the internet, simply because they have not posted themselves. This should give you a nice edge up in presentations of unexposed candidates. However as when placing all candidates you will need to be patient and let time take its course in the placement.

1) NCHCR is using a call center to interview candidates/resident/fellows to get their authorization to be contacted about opportunities
2) A profile is completed over the phone with the candidate if they agree to be contacted
3) Participating members of the PCP program will contact the candidate stating they are a member of NCHCR to "open the door."
4) We have 3 full time desks calling on behalf of NCHCR.
5) We average 8 new candidates a day (minimum of 200 candidates per month).
6) The candidate blend is 65% primary care and 35% sub-specialty.
7) We are calling 75% practicing physicians and 25% resident/fellowship.
8) PCP is exclusive to NCHCR members to protect the value.
9) Over 16,000 phone interviewed candidates
10) Exclusive to NCHCR Members

Pricing Schedule

(a personal email for a physician can easily cost .45 each. Imagine what you would pay to access over 16,000 personal physician emails.)

$150/month for Single recruiter firm
$200/month for up to 3 recruiters
$250/month for over 3 recruiters

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