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NCHCR is dedicated to helping healthcare recruiters do their job with the highest level of professionalism and service to the healthcare industry.

In order to provide a needed service to the medical recruiting community, we have developed a membership program that addresses the needs of fellow recruiters. Our program was designed with you in mind. We are a superb source for sourcing Candidates, and Networking with fellow healthcare recruiters. We address the entire Healthcare Industry: Physicians, Advanced Care Providers, Nursing, Allied Health, Executives/Directors, and IT.

We started the National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters in 2005 to meet the needs of independent healthcare recruiters and agencies. They need their own job board, a trusted networking environment and Co-Op Programs. We now have all that and more! Please look at the membership directory on the home page and feel free to call the members to get their opinion. We look forward to speaking with you.

Here is information if you wish to join NCHCR. The monthly membership fee is $150/month, automatically taken with a credit card on the same day of the month you joined. This gives you three company member logins; additional logins are $25 each. NCHCR is dedicated exclusively to Independent Physician Recruiters, and Healthcare Recruiting Agencies.

Exclusive to Independent Healthcare Recruiters, Healthcare Recruiting Agencies, and Healthcare Executive Recruiters.

Take a look at what we offer.

• Post up to 500 Opportunities and unlimited Candidates on You will definitely receive candidate inquiries from our home page job board.

• Universal Split Agreement, so start doing split 300 Physician and Advanced Care Providers, Nursing, and Allied healthcare Recruiters.

• Split Access to over 10,000 physician, Midlevel, and Allied Health opportunities.

• Access to over 15,000 profiled candidates.

• Market your quality candidates. You have already spent the time profiling them. If you can’t place them, let another member do that for you!

• “Not Open to Splits” option for job postings. Posting a Candidates makes them available for splits.

• Free Cross Postings to other Job Aggregators and Search Engines. (some include: Sponsored positions with Google Jobs,,ZipRecruiter,, and

• Passive Candidate Database (Optional Program). Over 21,000 profiled candidates available for full placements. (8 new candidates personally interviewed and added to database each day!)

• Residency/Fellowship Database access within NCHCR. 27,000 records (over 50% emails), annual fee of only $350!

• Co-Op participation with You can buy 5 posting for $50/month. As an NCHCR member, We provide you with matching free postings, “buy 10 postings, get 10 postings free!”

• Co-Op participation with Text Recruit.

NCHCR does not compete with you. We do not ask for a share of your fee.

Optional Co-Op programs to help you save marketing dollars Job Board

GetAMedJob is exclusive to Independent Healthcare Recruiters and Healthcare Recruiting Agencies. ( Why is this exclusive to Healthcare Agencies? )

We offer you:

• Direct candidate inquiries from your job posting. Candidates are not required to register to conduct full searches and communicate directly with the recruiter representing the opportunity.
• Automatic email alerts sent to you for all candidates whose profile matches your opportunity criteria.
• Automatic email alerts sent to the candidates whose search criteria matches opportunities you post on the site.
• Web site traffic- our primary goal is growing daily candidate visits to GetAMedJob. We utilize extensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) programs.
• Cross posting program to multiple related sites. This includes sponsored positions on,, and
• Aggressive Ad-word campaigns with Google.
• Access to candidate profiles and CVs/Resumes
• Competitive job listing rates

Postings Unit Price Total Cost*
5 $10.00 $50.00
10 $7.50 $75.00
20 $6.00 $120.00
50 $4.00 $200.00
100 $3.50 $350.00
Unlimited ----- $400.00


* Total cost is billed on a monthly basis

Residency/Fellowship Database

NCHCR has an internal database of the current year for the Residency/Fellowship. This database is exclusive to NCHCR members as an additional tool to assist them in their recruiting. The annual fee is $350 to access the entire database of over 29,000 records. There are over 25,000 emails. The database is designed so that you have to view each record separately to secure the email address. NCHCR discourages impersonal mass emailing. As a participant, you can purchase any specialty excel sheet for an additional $50.

The database is not designed to do mass emails. You will be able to view each record and email each candidate who has an email address (over 50% of the records - thus – about 13,500 emails). You have 100% of the addresses for mailings and oversized postcards. The purpose of the database is to source candidates for positions you are currently trying to fill. Let’s stay away from the poor mass marketing habits that have tainted the reputation of the Independent Recruiter.

Access to all Program Directors at no additional charge.

Passive Candidate Program

The Passive Candidate Database is without question one of the finest Physician databases in the industry. We personally speak with the physician to confirm their willingness to review opportunities. They authorize us to contact them, and they provide us with their personal email and cell phone. Most importantly to you, the database is not heavily utilized because it is exclusive to our members. Database providers sell to as many recruiters as they can. Often times these databases have candidates overwhelmed by the number of recruiters who contact them. You will not encounter that problem with our candidates.

What is a Passive Candidate? Answer: this is a practicing physician who has been personally contacted via phone. Generally, they are not actively looking for an opportunity but have planned to do so within the year and are open to reviewing opportunities. Historically they have not posted their contact information on the internet or association sites. Passive candidates are an excellent source for placements. As a rule they are not available via the internet, simply because they have not posted themselves. This should give us a nice edge up in presentations of unexposed candidates. You will need to be patient and let time take its course in the placement.

1)  NCHCR is using a call center to interview candidates/resident/fellows to get their authorization to be contacted about opportunities
2)  A profile is completed over the phone with the candidate if they agree to be contacted
3)  Participating members of the PCP program will contact the candidate stating they are a member of NCHCR to “open the door.”
4)  We have 3 full time desks calling on behalf of NCHCR.
5)  We average 8 new candidates a day (minimum of 200 candidates per month).
6)  The candidate blend is 65% primary care and 35% sub-specialty.
7)  We are calling 75% practicing physicians and 25% resident/fellowship.
8)  PCP is exclusive to NCHCR members to protect the value.
9)  Over 21,000 phone interviewed candidates

Pricing Schedule
$150/month for Single recruiter firm
$200/month for up to 3 recruiters
$250/month for over 3 recruiters

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“The Independent Recruiter provides services the In-House Recruiter cannot. These include anonymous candidate searches and proprietary client searches. We do pride ourselves in working hand-in-hand with each other!”

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