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Posted By: John Frey on January 27, 2020

Steps to submit a Candidate to a split partner

  1. Working with the Candidate -
    1. Get CV/resume from the candidate
    2. Get detailed candidate profile
    3. Goal:Present to minimum 5 opportunities
  2. Post Candidate
  3. Hit match button
  4. Send email to confirm opportunity is open asking for any additional details when it is confirmed.
  5. Call potential split partner to confirm they received your email.
  6. Confirm that opportunity is still available.
  7. Send details to candidate and follow-up with call to candidate with opportunity details.
  8. Get authorization from candidate to present them to split partner recruiter.
    1. Confirm their interest
    2. Ask for best times and days to have other recruiter contact them.
  9. Clear name with split partner with the opportunity.
  10. Submit CV/resume and written profile to split partner.
  11. Contact split partner to discuss candidate, sharing observations you may have concerning the candidate.  Confirm when the split partner will contact the candidate.
  12. Email or call candidate to confirm they will be hearing from split partner recruiter.  Give candidate the name of the recruiting company and recruiter to expect the contact from.
  13. Wait for progress updates from split partner.


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