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Posted By: John Frey on February 23, 2023

Networking to make Co-operative (Split) Placements in Healthcare Recruiting


In the current job market, Healthcare Providers have the luxury of looking at all the opportunities they want.

They will speak with several recruiters and also contact facilities directly.

They are literally being pursued by all recruiters, both In-House and Agencies.

Key Thought- How many opportunities will they entertain?  Based on my experiences, I would say a predictable number is 10 to 12.

If you have 2 opportunities, what are the odds that they will pick your positions?  The answer is around 15%.  Sorry, but those are not good odds in your favor. 

So, what would your odds be if you presented the candidate with 10 opportunities?  The answer is well over 90%.  Now, those are odds I would most certainly work with!  

Key note-  You will not be able to present 10 opportunities to a candidate as a rule, unless you actively network with NCHCR members.

As an NCHCR member you have the opportunity to work a split opportunity from 2 different angles.

                A – Candidate side

                B – Job side

How to initiate a split as an NCHCR member when you have the Job:


  1. Go to Job Options.
  2. Select Manage your Jobs.
  3. Click the “Match” button for one of your jobs.
  4. Click the radio button (top left of result screen) to Hide Passive Candidates.Now you will only see candidates posted by other members and Self-Profiled candidates.
  5. Click the Column button that says “Recruiter”.This will sort the candidates by recruiter so you can see all the candidates each recruiter posted.
  6. Next click on either the candidate id number or where you see the word details.
  7. A second box will open with the candidate description.
  8. Answer the 3 questions you see.
  9. In the text box ask if the candidate is available, or do they have other candidates for the opportunity.
  10. Click send.

How to initiate a split as an NCHCR member when you have the Candidate:

  1. Go to Candidate Options.
  2. Select Manage your Candidates.
  3. Click the “Match” button for one of your candidates.
  4. Next click on either the job id number or where you see the word details.
  5. A second box will open with the job description.
  6. Answer the 6 questions you see.
  7. In the text box ask if the job is still available or do they have other opportunities.
  8. Click send.



  • You do not have to send an independent email, let the system do it for you.
  • You do not have to send an email for each recruiter posted candidate. I suggest you send an email worded like this:

    “I noticed you have several candidates posted on NCHCR for the specialty and location of an opportunity I posted on NCHCR.  Would any of your candidates be interested in this opportunity?”

    Use the same paragraph but apply it to opportunities.

  • When you send the email, it will be coming from NCHCR.They will know that you are a member.The email copies both your contact information and the details of the opportunity and it also copies the profile of the candidate that was posted.
  • Wait 24 hours to give them a chance to reply.Then call them to ensure they have seen your email.
  • Odds are highly in your favor that they have other jobs or candidates that they haven’t posted on NCHCR.You will find matches as a result of talking with the member.
  • Forget about the date of the posting.Send the email inquiry.You don’t know what their situation is.
  • Networking is not a passive activity.It only works if you communicate with other members and do follow-up calls with them.They are busy, do not hesitate to place yourself at the head of the line concerning what they will do next.You must communicate engagingly.
  • If you are not able to get a reply from the member, NCHCR will eagerly step in to contact the other member and diplomatically encourage them to get with you.

In closing, networking definitely works but you have to be very active in the process.  That means sometimes having to chase the other recruiter.  The good news is once you have a relationship built, you will end up doing several splits together!


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